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Site last updated: 3 January 2022
Airfax is a marketletter that provides accurate and up-to-date information on the worldwide availability of commercial transport aircraft. There are two editions of the marketletter:

Airfax Jet Transport Aircraft Markets
- provides information on the availability of B717/MD80 and larger jet aircraft (Airbus and Boeing aircraft).

Airfax Regional & Commuter Aircraft Markets
- provides information on the availability of turboprop and regional jet aircraft.

Because there is no charge to list aircraft that are available for sale or lease in Airfax, the marketletter provides a comprehensive list of the aircraft that are being actively marketed. The latest January issues of the marketletter list over 670 commercial transport aircraft that are currently available for sale or lease. Some of the airlines, leasing companies, aircraft manufacturers and other companies that are currently listing or have listed aircraft in Airfax are shown below.

The marketletter also has a special classified advertising section that provides update-to-date information on engines and APU's that being offered for sale, lease or exchange.

Airfax is available by annual subscription, which includes 12 monthly issues (which are published at the beginning of each month) plus 12 mid-month updates.

To provide an independent and impartial forum, Merlin Associates does not get involved, or seek an interest, in any aircraft transaction. We generate our revenues solely from subscriptions and from publishing advertising in the marketletter.

Organizations that list aircraft in Airfax include:

AARBristol AssociatesJetstream International
AerfinC & L AerospaceKahala Aviation
Aergo CapitalCarolina Corporate JetsKenn Borek
AeroCentury CorporationCastlelakeMcLarens Aviation
AeroThrust HoldingsChapman FreebornNineteen Hundred Aviation
AeroVision InternationalCloud InvestmentsNordic Aviation Capital
AerSaleDAT LeasingOrix Aviation
Aerway LeasingDoricPhilippine Airlines
Air Atlanta IcelandicDVB BankPlane Business
Air France KLMEgyptairPotomac Aviation
Air New ZealandElix Aviation CapitalQantas
Air PartnerEmbraerRegional One
Air SerbiaeuroAtlantic AirwaysRegourd Aviation
Aircraft CanadaFalkoRockton
Aircraft Leasing & ManagementFar Eastern Air TransportRUAG Aviation
Airstream InternationalFortressSingapore Airlines
AirtrailsFPG AmentumSirmoor Aviation
AMC AirlinesGA TelesisSkyQuest International
AMS AircraftGamitSkyworks Capital
Amur Capital ManagementGECASSkyworld Aviation
Arena Aviation CapitalGenesis AircraftSparfell Partners
ASL AirlinesGOALSpectre Air Capital
AutomaticGravitas AviationTailwind Airlines
AvationGreenwich HighlandThomas Aviation
Aviator CapitalGulf AirTrueAero
AvincoHopkinson AircraftUniversal Asset Management
Avmax GroupIBAVietnam Aircraft Leasing
BBAMIkhanaVietnam Airlines
BlackRockJALUXVx Capital Partners
BoeingJet MidwestWest Atlantic
Bombardier AerospaceJetranWorld Star Aviation
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