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Site last updated: 3 December 2018
An index of the aircraft that are currently available for sale or lease, and are published in the current issue of Airfax, is provided below. Please note: the serial numbers of the aircraft and contact information for the aircraft are not available on the website. This information is only available to subscribers of the Airfax marketletter.

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Jet Transport AircraftRegional & Commuter Aircraft
Airbus A300 aircraftATR 42/72 aircraft
Airbus A310 aircraftBAe Jetstream 31/32/41 aircraft
Airbus A320 family aircraftBAe 748/ATP aircraft
Airbus A330/A340 aircraftBAe 146/Avro RJ aircraft
Boeing 727 aircraftBeech 1900 aircraft
Boeing 737 aircraftBombardier DHC-8 aircraft
Boeing 747 aircraftBombardier CRJ Family aircraft
Boeing 757 aircraftCASA C212 Aviocar aircraft
Boeing 767 aircraftConvair CV-580/600/640 aircraft
Boeing 777 aircraftDeHavilland DHC-6 aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 aircraftDeHavilland DHC-7 aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC-9/MD80/MD90 aircraftEmbraer EMB-120 Brasilia aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC-10/MD11 aircraftEmbraer ERJ Family aircraft
Fairchild Metro/Merlin IV aircraft
Fairchild Dornier 328 aircraft
Fokker F27/Fairchild FH227 aircraft
Fokker F100 aircraft
Shorts Skyvan/330/360 aircraft
To provide an independent and impartial forum, Merlin Associates does not get involved, or seek an interest, in any aircraft transaction. We generate our revenues solely from subscriptions and from publishing advertising in the marketletter.

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