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Site last updated: 3 January 2022
Contact Information
Contact information (and the serial numbers) for all of the aircraft that are listed on this website are published in the current issues of Airfax. This marketletter is only available by subscription.

We do not offer any aircraft for sale or lease. What we do is provide accurate and up-to-date information on the worldwide availability of commercial transport aircraft, and that information is published in the Airfax marketletter.

There are two editions of Airfax - a Jet Transport Aircraft edition, that provides information on the availability of B717/MD80 and larger jet aircraft (Airbus and Boeing aircraft), and a Regional & Commuter Aircraft edition that provides similar information for turboprop and regional jet aircraft.

To provide an independent and impartial forum, Merlin Associates does not get involved, or seek an interest, in any aircraft transaction. We generate our revenues solely from subscriptions and from publishing advertising in the marketletter.

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