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Site last updated: 22 January 2021
Aircraft Required
The following commercial transport aircraft are currently required and are actively being sought. Please contact the people listed directly if you can satisfy any of these requirements.

To provide an independent and impartial forum, Merlin Associates does not get involved, or seek an interest, in any aircraft transaction. We generate our revenues solely from subscriptions to Airfax and from publishing advertising in the marketletter.

Boeing 737 Aircraft Required
B737-400 Aircraft in pax configuration required for purchase. Contact: Michael Wayshner, Potomac Aviation Tel: +1.703.414.7875 Fax: +1.703.414.7876

Bombardier DHC-8 Aircraft Required
DHC8-Q400 Four aircraft, manf. 2015 or later, required for lease, with deliveries staggered until 21Q4. Contact: Brad Vineyard, ComAirTrading Tel: +1.630.862.8989 Email: bvineyard@comairtrading.com

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