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Site last updated: 24 May 2020
Aircraft Required
The following commercial transport aircraft are currently required and are actively being sought. Please contact the people listed directly if you can satisfy any of these requirements.

To provide an independent and impartial forum, Merlin Associates does not get involved, or seek an interest, in any aircraft transaction. We generate our revenues solely from subscriptions to Airfax and from publishing advertising in the marketletter.

Airbus A320 family Aircraft Required
A319 Aircraft, preferably with a high-altitude oxygen system, required for lease, preferably long-term. Contact: Robert Sitta, Aerotask Tel: +971.4.2500.373 Email: assets@accaviation.com

A319 EU Ops aircraft with V2500 engines and manf. 2005-12, required 20Q4 for non-airline operations. Contact: Normann Becker, B Asset Consulting Tel: +41.7.8300.5496 Email: nhb@b-asset.eu

Airbus A330/A340 Aircraft Required
A330-300 Up to eight aircraft, preferably sisterships, manf. 2008 or later, with half-life+ RR engines required in two or three class pax configuration. Contact: Tasos Michael, Inception Aviation Tel: +33.6.1313.1744 Email: tasos.michael@inceptionaviation.com

Bombardier CRJ Family Aircraft Required
CRJ-200LR Two EU Ops aircraft, one in pax configuration, and one freighter aircraft with wide cargo door, required for operations commencing Oct20. Contact: Suresh Raju, Ronanair Tel: + Fax: +

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