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Statistics last updated: 1 December 2021
Aircraft Availability Statistics
An index of the charts that summarize commercial transport aircraft availability over the past ten years can be found below. All of the charts are the copyright of Merlin Associates, inc. However, Merlin Associates grants an unrestricted right to copy, distribute, and use these charts, providing that the charts remain unaltered and that Airfax is acknowledged as the source of the data.

Aircraft Availability Statistics 2004-2015
Airbus A300 aircraftBAe146/RJ aircraft
Airbus A310 aircraftBeech 1900C/1900D aircraft
Airbus A320 family aircraftBombardier CRJ aircraft
Airbus A330/A340 aircraftDeHavilland DHC6 aircraft
Boeing 727 aircraftDeHavilland DHC8 aircraft
Boeing 737 aircraftEmbraer 120 Brasilia aircraft
Boeing 747 aircraftEmbraer ERJ aircraft
Boeing 757 aircraftEmbraer E-Jet aircraft
Boeing 767 aircraftFairchild Metro/Merlin IVC aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC8 aircraftFokker F27/FH227/F50 aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC9/MD80/MD90 aircraftFokker F28/F70/F100 aircraft
McDonnell Douglas DC10/MD11 aircraftSaab 340/2000 aircraft
ATR42/ATR72 aircraftShorts Skyvan/330/340 aircraft
BAe Jetstream 31/32/41 aircraft
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